Just a few days into my epic three-week road trip, I found myself facing one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen — Bryce Canyon National Park. This breathtaking canyon is known for its red and orange “hoodoos,” the brilliant spirals and rock formations that decorate the landscape. The hoodoos continue to erode all the time, so they change shape and even collapse sometimes. Here are just a few of the photos from my time at Bryce (I barely put my camera down while I was there!), and some quick tips for visitors.

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Where to Stay

Just like at Zion, I chose to camp at Bryce. I selected the Sunset campground and was SO glad I did. It’s just a short walk from there to the Sunset trail, which connects you to nearly every other hiking trail in the park. Amazing location!

This campground is also one of the most comfortable I’ve ever stayed at. Campsites are spaced-out, so you aren’t staring into your neighbor’s tent, and most back up to the woods, so you have plenty of privacy and feel like you’re really out on your own. It feels just like camping at a national park should! It’s also one of the cleanest campgrounds I’ve ever seen, with pristine bathrooms and very few bugs. 5-stars for an amazing camping experience!

What to Do

Bryce is known for two overlook points, Sunrise Point and Sunset Point. Visitors flock to Sunrise point early in the morning to watch the sun come up over the hoodoos, and to Sunset Point in the evening to see the golden glow light up the hoodoos as the day ends. There’s a reason this is so popular – both sunrise and sunset are magical times at this park. I don’t recommend missing out on either of these experiences, even though it means getting up super early!

If you enjoy riding horses, or want to try it, I highly recommend taking a trail ride down into the canyon. You can set up a ride at the lodge, or through Canyon Rides. The cowboys are super professional and a ton of fun, and make the experience one to remember! Check out my video below for footage of the ride.

Last but not least, the rangers at Bryce are extremely knowledgable. I recommend attending some of their teaching sessions. I did an astronomy session called “Stargazing Through the Ages.” After, I joined the group for stargazing through telescopes at the Visitor Center. I learned a ton and met some great people there too!

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