UK + Ireland Adventure Prep: Stitch Fix Review

We're off to England, Ireland and Wales in late May, so I decided to order a Stitch Fix box to find some new clothes for my trip. Watch the video of my Stitch Fix Review to see what was in my Fix, and what I'm keeping! Stitch Fix is a personal styli... Read More
Exploring Rif Fort in Willemstad, Curaçao

Exploring Willemstad, Curaçao: Photo Diary

Willemstad, Curaçao is a bustling capital city. We spent a full day there, getting lost in the streets, discovering the floating market, and walking through the enchanting Rif Fort. Willemstad is extremely colorful and filled with a lovely mash of cu... Read More
View from the top of Klein Curaçao

A Day on Klein Curaçao

Turquoise blue waters, tranquil white-sand beaches, and shipwrecks and lighthouses to explore. It sounds like something out of an adventure tale, but it's all t... Read More

Sailing Away with San Diego Sailing Tours

Last year, I found myself settled down in Phoenix, Arizona. There aren't too many places near enough to Phoenix for a proper weekend getaway, but there is one destination nearby that never disappoints: San Diego. I was lucky enough to score a Sout... Read More

A 12-Day Costa Rica Itinerary

Traveling to Costa Rica? I spent hours of research selecting the best destinations. If you're looking to avoid the homework, below you'll find my idea of an ideal, 12-day Costa Rica itinerary. The beauty of this itinerary is that it gives visi... Read More

Exploring Costa Rica with Marbella Tours

You guys...I might not be a full-time traveler for much longer. Yes. You heard me right. Turns out, "budget traveling” just might not be for me…and budget traveling is how I would have to go to sustain a life of full-time travel. I arriv... Read More

Favorite Travel Moments of 2015

2015 was a huge year for me! I officially left the corporate world behind and took off on this crazy adventure of starting my own travel blog and my own busines... Read More

How to Finance Long-Term Travel

The most common remark I heard when I told others of my plans to travel was “Wow, I could never do that.” Aside from family obligations and lack of vacation tim... Read More