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Tami Villa Hunterly Travels About Tami

My name is Tami and I’m the sometimes-blonde, sometimes-brunette head behind A World Uncharted.

I started out as a California-bred, full-time solo female traveler, but fate intervened and I found myself all coupled up and living in Phoenix, Arizona.

I’m now a sometimes-blonde, sometimes-brunette California-bred Phoenician, writing about striking the perfect balance between constantly jetsetting and…adulting. I travel constantly, while still working full-time in marketing, and that balance is exactly what my blog is about.

So welcome to A World Uncharted…a blog chronicling my adventures as a semi-hot mess of a chick trying to keep it all together and adult while feeding my constant wanderlust.

Also uncharted? My journey switching from solo traveler to duo traveler (ahem…I’m coupled up now, after all). Let me tell you…there have been laughs. There have been tears. There have been fights over who gets to take a shower first before the hot water runs out. I’ll be taking you along on the whole crazy journey with me.

Let’s go explore a world uncharted.

Want to get in touch? Email tami@aworlduncharted.com or contact me here.