View from the top of Klein Curaçao

A Day on Klein Curaçao

Turquoise blue waters, tranquil white-sand beaches, and shipwrecks and lighthouses to explore. It sounds like something out of an adventure tale, but it’s all there for the taking on Klein Curaçao.

Klein (“Little”) Curaçao is a tiny little island located about 15 miles from Curaçao. You can get there via a 2-hour boat ride. View from the top of Klein CuraçaoWhen we were researching for our 2017 trip to Curaçao, Klein Curaçao came up as a recommended destination time and time again. So, we booked a tour with Mermaid Boat Trips upon arriving in Curaçao for $109 per person, and we were off!

Our hotel helped us arrange for an early morning pickup….AND I DO MEAN EARLY. LIKE 5:45 a.m. EARLY. Now let me just say, I don’t like leaving my house at 5:45 a.m. for work, let alone while I’m on VACATION, but the promises of the wonders of Klein Curaçao were just too much to resist. By 6:45 a.m., we were loaded on to the Mermaid and heading out on the high seas toward Klein Curaçao!

The ONE non-magical part of this day: THIS boat ride.

You guys…I can handle windy roads. I can handle roller coasters. I can handle boats. But I could not handle this boat.

Actually, if I’m being fair, the boat itself had nothing to do with it. The seas, however, were rough…and I mean ROUGH.

So rough, in fact, that the crew did a 5-minute spiel about what to do if you get seasick aboard before we departed (go to the bottom deck, grab a bag, face the outside of the boat and keeps your eyes on the horizon).

Full Disclosure: I did read about the rough boat ride in reviews and blogs about the island prior to booking. However, I assumed this was irrelevant since neither of us gets seasick. Yeah, okay.

JT and I settled in for the 2-hour ride on the top deck. We were enjoying the view and commenting on the rough seas when the first person headed below deck. Then another. Then another. Soon enough, we had lost about a quarter of our deck, maybe even one third!

I tried to focus on the horizon. I tried to focus on conversation with JT. I tried to focus on just about anything but the huge rolling waves and the bile welling up in my throat.

“I’m going downstairs, babe.”

I spent the rest of this boat ride lined up facing the outside of the boat, watching everyone get sick. I focused on the horizon and somehow managed not to get sick…winning!

I tell you this tale NOT to discourage you from visiting Klein Curaçao…quite the opposite! I would recommend this trip to anyone I meet! However, there are a number of things I would have done differently knowing what I know now. First, I would recommend that those with a history of motion sickness or seasickness prepare with anti-nausea medicine. I would also recommend bringing some bread (toast, a bagel, etc) with you, as well as maybe some ginger candies to settle your stomach just in case you experience any issues. Also, as tempting as it is in paradise, do not drink the night before this tour. Believe me…this is not a boat ride you want to attempt while even the slightest bit hungover.

The good news is…the SECOND the boat stopped, so did my nausea. The better news is…the ride back was about 1/10th of the roughness of the ride over, because we were going with the waves. I experienced no issues on the ride back.

The second that boat stopped, and I saw the crystal blue waters of Klein Curaçao, I nearly forgot the whole thing.View from the top of Klein CuracaoWe disembarked the boat, found a spot on the beach, and set off to explore this incredible island.

First up was the lighthouse:Walking towards the lighthouse on Klein CuraçaoIn front of the lighthouse on Klein CuraçaoLighthouse on Klein CuraçaoTaking in the view on Klein CuraçaoLighthouse on Klein CuraçaoNext, we hiked to the island’s shipwrecks. Klein Curaçao is rather “known” for its many shipwrecks, being a flat, difficult-to-see island, surrounded by rough seas. Shipwreck on Klein CuraçaoSmaller shipwreck on Klein CuraçaoTaking in the view on Klein CuraçaoAfter exploring the island’s famous landmarks, it was time for lunch. Lunch was a buffet included in the price of the tour featuring an assortment of grilled meats, salads and sides. Water and sodas were available, and you could so purchase beer or wine for a small fee. While the food itself was good, it was even better and very welcome after our adventures in the hot sun exploring the island.After lunch, we headed back to the beach for swimming and snorkeling. While many before us have spotted sea turtles in the water on Klein Curaçao, we were not quite so lucky. Still, we enjoyed exploring the ocean and it was simply the perfect end to our day. Enjoying the sun on Klein CuraçaoSorry if you need me, but I'm Out of Office on Klein CuraçaoAlas, the 4:00 p.m. call to reboard the Mermaid and return to Curaçao came far too soon. It was time to say goodbye to this little piece of paradise!Beach on Klein CuraçaoOverall, this tour was by far my favorite part of our trip to Curaçao. We loved exploring this idyllic paradise!

A few quick tips: 

  • Bring more sunscreen than you think you need. There is very little shade on the island.
  • Bring beach towels from your hotel, as none are provided.
  • Bring a bit of cash if you intend to purchase drinks, and also for tipping.
  • Bring a GoPro if you have one. We forgot ours and would have loved to capture the snorkeling here!
  • Bring your camera, because you won’t want to miss these stunning views!

To book a tour to Klein Curaçao, visit Mermaid Boat Trips’ website.

What’s the greatest day trip you’ve ever taken? Tell me in the comments below!

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