Three Ideal Hairstyles for Long-Haul Flights

Ideal Hairstyles for a Long-Haul Flight copy

I meticulously plan my outfits for long-haul flights. I mean meticulously. I spend over an hour before each flight piecing together just the right combination of yoga pants, slip-on shoes, and oversized sweaters that will provide the right amount of comfort, style and warmth for 10-15 hours on a plane. It’s a process, and I love it.

My hair, however, becomes an afterthought after all of the planning goes into the outfit. I used to just throw it in a ponytail and go, but have you ever tried to lean your head back on a plane seat and sleep with a ponytail jabbing you in the back of your head? No go.

After many lessons learned, here are my criteria for hairstyles for long-haul flights:

  • Pull your hair back in some way, instead of just leaving it down. This will make eating and reading on the flight much easier, since your hair won’t be in your face, and will help you feel a little more “put together” at the airport.
  • Avoid ponytails or buns centered in the back of your head. They’ll make sleeping pretty uncomfortable.
  • Avoid overly complicated styles. Pick something you can easily fix if it gets mussed while you’re sleeping.
  • Don’t worry if it’s a little messy. Travel isn’t about perfection.

Here are my three favorite hairstyles to rock on a long-haul flight:

The Side-Pony

Ideal Hairstyles for a Long Haul Flight_Side Pony 2

This is one of my favorite go-to do’s! Wrap a piece of hair around the rubber band holding your hair in place and secure with a bobby pin to add a little touch of elegance to this super easy look.

The Top Knot

Ideal Hairstyles for a Long Haul Flight_Top Knot 2

I’ve seen girls do the whole “wrapped to perfection sock bun top knot,” but ain’t nobody got time for that! Not travelers, at least. I simply twist my hair up to the top of my head and secure with large bobby pins or a rubber band. Be sure to wrap it high enough so that it won’t bother you when you lay your head back to sleep.

The Braided Headband

Ideal Hairstyles for a Long Haul Flight_Braid Headband 2

Depending on your itinerary, travel plans, and travel companions, you may want to up your game every once in a while. I whip this one out when I want to look cute on the plane. Create two french braids on either side of your face, and braid them both down to the ends. Secure with tiny rubber bands. The wrap the two braids under your hair and secure with bobby pins at the base of your neck. The bobby pins are unobtrusive enough to let you sleep and relax on the plane, but you still look completely put together.

What’s your go-to hairstyle for a long-haul flight? Let me know in the comments below!