Holiday Gift Guide: Practical Gifts for the World Traveler

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I’m nearly giddy with all of the fantastic holiday deals on travel gear! My inbox is full of emails showcasing awesome travel gear, so I’m sharing my top picks with you in a holiday gift guide for the travelers in your life.

I’ll be sharing various gift guides for travelers over the next week. First up – the practical side of things!

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Here are 14 practical gifts for the world traveler in your life:

1. Zensah Tech+ Compression Sock – $49.95

Compression socks are important for frequent fliers. The Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks are unisex and come in fun, bright hues to make your travels a little more colorful.

2. Insignia Bluetooth Selfie Stick – $19.99

I may be lynched for this, but some people travel solo, and when you’re traveling solo, this is an extremely useful tool. This Bluetooth Selfie Stick is a slight step up from the norm, and can be used with a GoPro or DSLR as well. It makes a great stocking stuffer, too!

3. Sunnylife Fouta Towel – $20.97

Some may argue that carrying your own beach towel isn’t exactly practical, but it really depends on the type of travel you plan to do. Even in beach destinations, some hostels and hotels do not provide beach towels. This Turkish-style towel is ultra thin, packs easily, and could also double as a wrap or a blanket. I have one and wouldn’t travel to a beach destination without it!

4. Marmot Kompressor Daypack – $49.95

I own this daypack and absolutely love it! It is ultra-lightweight but very sturdy, and flattens down to practically nothing. It’s the perfect pack to throw in the bottom of your suitcase and bring out for daytrips and hikes.

5. Platypus Platy SoftBottle – $7-12

These soft water bottles are pliable plastic and fold nearly flat, so they’re super easy to pack. I use them to save money on disposable water bottles while traveling. They’re great for taking through airport security and then filling up with water at the gate before a long flight.

6. The North Face Pack Rain Cover – $18.71

If you love a backpacker, show them by getting them a rain cover. Nothing sucks more than getting caught in a rainstorm and getting your clothes, electronics and travel documents wet when your backpack soaks through. This rain cover is reasonably priced, folds up small, and will save a backpacker a LOT of headaches if they get caught in the rain. Be sure you know the size of their backpack before purchasing! A good fit is key.

7. Travel Smart by Conair All-In-One Adapter Plug – $19.99

An essential item for any international traveler. This adapter allows you to use your appliances everywhere, plus it has surge protection.

8. Old Navy Flip Flops (Womens – $2.50 / Mens – $3.50)

Fantastic stocking stuffer! No traveler should be without a super cheap pair of flip flops. They’re great for hostel showers, quick runs down to the hotel lobby, or long walks on the beach. At this price, there’s also no guilt about leaving them behind if they won’t fit in your suitcase for your return flight home.

9. BAGGU® Big BAGGU Packable Tote

These nylon totes are fantastic for travel. They fold up ultra small, so they’re perfect to pack and use as a beach bag or laundry bag at your destination.

10. eBags Value Set: Packing Cubes + Slim Packing Cubes – $49.98

Packing cubes changed my life after my first trip to Europe. They help me stay organized, even when I’m doing a lot of packing and re-packing on whirlwind trips. They can also be used as a compression system to fit as much as humanly possible into your suitcase or pack.

11. eBags Shoe Sleeves – $17.99
Just as essential as packing cubes, shoe sleeves protect your clothing and personal items from dirty shoes, and also protect your shoes against scuffing.

12. pb travel Grid-It! Organizer – $24.99

Ideal for organizing your electronics and small items in a carry-on, the Grid-It! Organizer is a fun addition to any traveler’s gear list.

13. Sea To Summit 100% Premium Silk Sleeping Bag Liner – $74.95

Some travelers say that silk liners are 100% necessary if you’re backpacking and staying in hostels. I don’t personally use one, but I’m told they protect you against nasty hostel sheets and bed bugs.

14. CABEAU Memory Foam “Evolution Pillow” + Travel Sack – $39.95

I’ve written about this pillow before, because I’m pretty obsessed with it. It’s super soft, packable, and helps you sleep comfortably on long-haul flights.

Which practical travel items are on your holiday wish list this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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