Drinking Around the World at Epcot

 Disney World. It's the most magical place on Earth, right? Damn right. Little known fact: I actually worked a short stint at Disneyland in my college days. Yes, that's right folks. I'm a Disney nerd. So it may come as a shock that be... Read More

Kayaking in Costa Rica with Canoa Aventura

There have been days on this trip when I’ve tried my hardest to save money and spend responsibly. Then, there are days when I throw my hands up in the air and decide to have a good time and enjoy every minute of this crazy adventure. That’s what I... Read More

A 12-Day Costa Rica Itinerary

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Why You’re Never Too Cool For Sunscreen

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Favorite Travel Moments of 2015

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How to Finance Long-Term Travel

The most common remark I heard when I told others of my plans to travel was “Wow, I could never do that.” Aside from family obligations and lack of vacation time, the reason I heard most often for this is “I don’t have the money.” I haven't always... Read More

New York Pass: Worth the Hype?

I spent the first week of November in the city that never sleeps – New York City. It was my first visit to NYC, and it was a place that I’d been dreaming about ... Read More